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For Yuor maximum satisfaction in communication with our company we are pleased to provide You the information about the development and basic philosophy of Olivieri.

Olivieri's story is the one of a family that for over 80 years leaves a mark in the italian furniture world. Four generations have changed with the time following fashion and way of life trends, first in Italy and now in many countries all over the world.

The founder, Mr. Gregorio Olivieri, started very young, fascinated by a noble material such as wood. He started when he was 9 creating clogs. Later he began to build furnishings. Dates back to 1929 the first official document, in which Mr. Gregorio calls the city's permission for the plant expansion. On that date he had employees and equipment and was already known throughout northern Italy. He was only 21 years old. The son, Tullio, began very young too, working shoulder to shoulder with his father and showing himself early such a brilliant innovator. There followed a period of deep changes. Tullio, which was a lover of new technologies, perfected some of the most innovative methods of woodworking. The result was 9 patents invented by him. Later, with his wife Teresa, expanded the sales network and built a new factory in 1967 by adopting new technology and manufacturing solutions. Today, at the helm of the company for over fifteen years, there are the sons Marco, Enrica e Cinzia. Besides being anchored to the traditions that have enabled the development of the company, Olivieri has recently expressed its willingness to renew with the construction of a big new exhibition space: Home Design.

Our company Arredamenti Praha s.r.o. is the official distributor of Olivieri furniture with the showroom in Prague “Olivieri-Praha”.

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