Design your style


Our long-standing experience in the planning and execution of kitchens, plus our familiarity with both the domestic and foreign market in kitchens is the reason why our help in particular can be important in the not-so-easy decision when choosing the kitchen of your dreams.

We know it is not easy to design a customised kitchen for your home to exactly match your vision. However, we are certain that due to our expertise we are the right partner that can suggest the ideal solution for you. Comprehensively and with professional approach, we will take you on a full-scale guided tour of the kitchen construction – from electrical wiring installation to attaching the last metal mounting to a cabinet. 

  • we will provide the optimal solution for the kitchen to fit your flat space
  • we will advise you on choosing the most suitable materials, considering your price expectations
  • we will pick suitable electrical appliances and notify you of new items in this field
  • we will design a plan of distribution networks 

We will recommend you the most suitable components, from a single metal mounting to kitchen fittings, to design a kitchen that is ideal just for you and your specific situation. 

Variants of the kitchen finishes

From our large range of kitchens, anybody can make their choice. We offer – made directly by the manufacturer – kitchen models that will satisfy even the most demanding requirements. In our wide selection, you will find kitchens: 

  • with a massive door, up to 24 mm thick;
  • with a lacquered MDF door 22 mm thick, in all the RAL colours;
  • with an MDF door with foil finish (glossy and mat);
  • with a laminated door in a wide colour spectrum 

By correctly assessing kitchen space and with the help of our experienced designers, we can create a kitchen for you in which cooking as well as sharing your time with your family will be a delight.

The kitchen is called the heart of home, and with good reason. It is a place where you receive a friendly welcome and some warmth from the family hearth. Modern trends in kitchen design present us with a lot of variants: 

  • kitchens of minimalistic proportions without upper cabinets
  • kitchens of straight lines with maximum space-effectiveness
  • airy monochrome kitchens with mat or glossy surfaces
  • timeless rustic kitchens with a massive wooden door

Still, the most important aspect is the kitchen functionality.  

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