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A bedroom furnished with our classical furniture provides you with a rest in perfect forms and shapes, full of beautiful and elaborate details. A festive white colour of classical furniture in combination with the compositions of Versailles, Provence, Madeira and Amalfi sets turn your bedroom into a luxurious, noble room to which you will keep returning with joy and pleasure. New York, Jei and Sumatra sets bring you the austerity and functionality of forms. Individual elements in bedrooms with our classical furniture reflect the beauty of Italian design, encompassing functionality and the elaborateness of details. From our range of bedrooms, you can choose: 

  • beds with hand-carved headboards in silver or gold foil that will give your bedroom a royal feel,
  • beds with storage space,
  • wardrobes that will enchant you by its perfect treatment, variable possibilities of inner fittings and, last but not least, stylish design,
  • low and high cupboards with precise manual treatment of inner drawers,
  • vanity tables that are sure to catch your attention by both their design and functionality.

Colour Design of Classical Furniture Bedrooms

Your household will be completed with a beautiful and splendid bedroom, providing you the maximum comfort and relaxation. All of our cloassical furniture, including bedroom furniture, is manufactured with the use of massive wood and high-quality varnishes that can be chosen from these colour designs: 

  • white ancient look
  • ancient look in ivory colour
  • light walnut
  • ancient light walnut
  • French cherry look
  • furniture  in red
  • furniture in black
  • furniture in natural yellow
  • white and light blue lines conception
  • gold and silver foil 

Our classical furniture, including bedroom furniture, is manufactured with the use of leading technologies with elements of manual wood treatment and the craftsmanship of Italian masters. The combination of these factors guarantees you a nice rest in a bedroom with our classical furniture, an experience you will never forget.

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