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Children´s rooms

The presence of classic, elegance and practicality with the use of universal elements in our rustic children’s rooms enables the furnishing of space for children, covering a broad age category. Our classical style sets designed for the furnishing of children’s rooms are called as follows:


n  VENUS. Gently classical, unique and inimitable style. The doors and frame-shaped drawers in the colour of ivory and walnut wood allow for heterogeneous combinations of elements, yielding the maximum use of space in a children’s room. In this collection, it is also possible to use doors with a gold-profiled frame, doors of satinated glass or of transparent glass with white drapery in a frame.

n  GIOIA. Composition with doors of glass as a romantic solution for rustic children’s rooms in three colour designs: ivory, green and walnut. This set has cassette doors with foil panelling in various colour creations and patterns together with glazed doors of printed satinated glass.

n  GIADA. Simple classical design of children’s rooms that can be enriched by adding a coloured flowery pattern to the thin frame of the doors. There are three colours of cassette doors to choose from: ivory, green and „arte povera“  walnut.

n  LUNA. Harmonic décor for a timeless style of children’s rooms. Cassette doors with an inner flowery pattern can be chosen in free colour variations: ivory, green and „arte povera“  walnut. 

Use of Materials in Classical Children’s Rooms    

In all the sets of classical children’s rooms, massive lacquered wooden doors are used. Our children’s rooms reflect the precise technological processing, taking into consideration the safety that is essential for the healthy growth and development of your children. We use natural materials that are in harmony with Italian design and the skilfulness of masters in the production of our furniture.


A child that grows up in a children’s room furnished with our furniture will love the seclusion of home for its whole life – and it will always be bringing elements of beauty, love and aesthetic thinking into its surroundings and home.