Design your style

Classical design


Elena -

Elena is a kitchen's program with a traditional approach, particulary well articulated both for its countless composition possibilities and for the various finishing colour shades, created to ment the most diverse furnishing requirements, it is characterized by the elegant ash door (offered in light walnut finishing, dark walnut and décapé) that with the simplicity of its lines, provides pleasant and welcoming environments. Elegant 18 mm thick door, with open-pore lacquered solid ash wood frame and antique-looking veneered central panel.


Angel -

Creativity in the kitchen. Exclusive shapes and an innovative look characterize this new model which is the result of the combination of traditional design with the fusion of minimalism and technological modern antique style. Beauty and practicality come together in innovative proposals to highlight the lines of the Angel kitchen. Door 24 mm thick, with whiten solid ash wood frame and with ash veneered central panel in open-pore lacquered finish.


Sofia -

A kitchen that speaks of traditions, enhancing freedom of movement and a hint of retro at the same time.

Sofia is a solution of both charm and style, displayed through a structure in solid wood and ashlar in dark walnut. Translucent glasses have been used to leave to imagination memories and objects of the time.

It perfectly represents a traditional solution that suits the most refined home environments.