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Cupboard with the built-in chimney

The bio-ethanol chimney is an innovative and decorative component of domestic environmente which emploies an ecologic and defensible energy. It does not need any fl ue nor fuel feed system. It does not produce any residue and it does not need any maintenance. Chimnies are feeded by a sustainable energy source: the bio-ethanol. It derives from the sugars fermentation obtained from agricoltural and forest products, above all sugar cane. The methylated spirit is formed by biological elements that do not alterate the ecological balance. The bio-ethanol combustion produces only clean emissions: warm, water vapor and carbon dioxide. NO PM10, NO CO2, NO ALDEHYDE or other residues. Safety certifi cation: Olivieri works together with Horus, that respects all the reference European laws and its products are tested by Imq Primacontrol Italia. Further upper units will be positioned at least 1 m. from the chimney.