Design your style

Home office

The home office is part and parcel of modern lifestyle. With our classical furniture, you can furnish an office not only in your household, but also in large office spaces. A home office furnished with our classical furniture will become a gem, reflecting both your lifestyle and personality. Using massive wood in all classical collections, we create elegant, elaborate classics in the following types of treatment: 

  • white ancient look
  • ancient look in ivory colour
  • light walnut
  • ancient light walnut
  • French cherry look
  • furniture  in red
  • furniture in black
  • furniture in natural yellow
  • white and light blue lines conception
  • gold and silver foil 

The combination of these options and the diversity of collections, together with masterly manual treatment, create a unique style for your offices that will become part of your lifestyle and leave an indelible mark in the memories of your visitors. 

Design Variants in Classical Furniture Offices

Austerity and beauty can be found in Jei, Sumatra and New York sets, nobility and luxury is associated with Versailles, Provence, Amalfi and Madeira collections. Offices with our classical furniture are perfect, resulting from the interplay of all the ingredients necessary for manufacturing a flawless product. As a chef carefully checks every detail in preparing a consummate dish, so do we, in collaboration with experts and designers, using leading technologies and traditional procedures, thus providing you with an unforgettable experience of working space effectiveness. We know that in this space, you will spend a good deal of time thinking, discussing, making decisions and planning your future. Consequently, our solution to your office with classical furniture is conceived in a way that enables your entire activity in that space to be not only a duty, but also an experience to remember.

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