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Living rooms

Our collections of classical furniture in living rooms are the result of careful searching for a link between creative solution and understanding of spaces, of matching the elegance of old traditions with the demands of modern lifestyle. Our classical furniture in living rooms reflects the universal connection between functionality and the balance of volume and forms. The most basic element of our classical collections is a design that epitomises beauty, lifestyle and personality. It combines elaborateness in details with the fascinating understanding of Italian classical furniture design. 

A living room furnished with our classical furniture will dominate your home, becoming the centre of everybody’s attention upon entering it. There are many ways of using living space but not needlessly clogging it up with too great a deal of things, which might then result in their losing functionality. Our classical furniture in living rooms provides a stylish solution to 

  • living-room and TV wall systems
  • open-plan and wall bookcases,
  • dining tables,
  • chairs and mini couches,
  • cupboards and display cabinets,
  • sofas, leather carpets and coffee tables. 

Classical Furniture Styles

Our classical furniture in living rooms, as well as all the other furniture in our classical collections, can be grouped by style: 

  • Provence collection with a touch of romantic atmosphere that reflects France’s elegance
  • Versailles collection that suggests a noble, royal style
  • Madeira collection imitating the colonial style
  • Amalfi collection having the typical Italian charm
  • New York has plain forms, being space-economical
  • Sumatra collection reflecting the elements of Japanese style
  • JEI set is a moderate version of classical forms. 

A living room furnished with our classical furniture will blow you a kiss of a gentle breeze from Italy. The wide range of forms, styles, colours and designs can satisfy even the most demanding requirements, taking into account the personality of a homeowner. We offer you furniture that is impervious both to fashion and to the ravages of time, mirroring the modern lifestyle with a touch of the family hearth warmth and timeless classics.

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