Design your style

Modern design


Love -

An innovative way to live the kitchen and its colors, freedom to imagine and freedom to design: in any way you are, Love can provide you a furnishing project complete and coherent, in harmony with living area.

The eight finishes, perfectly combined with each other, the opportunity to match them with elements lacquered in all shades imaginable, make Love kitchen a perfect synthesis of contemporary living.

Absolute trasnversality and infinite design combinations, Love has been tought to leave space for your imagination: you just have to find your own style.


Krea -

A strong image, full of vivacity and modernity. Krea joins our new project aimed at responding to the latest trends in design, reflecting the functionality and convenience of being able to live in your own kitchen while doing your every-day tasks.

The melamine doors are available in the new finishes white, champagne, light gray, dark gray, earth, lava stone; and enrich the compositions making the living space even more comfortable.

Besides, as for all the other modern kitchens, it’s possible to choose any of the various handles from the catalog, the Slim grooved profile, or to the new undermounted handle.


Flash -

Interpreting, understanding and proposing means to develop a project characterized by a cutting-edge design and extreme functionality dedicated to a young and up-to-date market. A path made first of all inovation, creativity and technical quality. More and more cutting-edge, original and functional kitchens. Flash means very well designed and stylish furnishing solutions for the kitchen setting, ideas that have always characterized our project.


Harmony -

Dedicated to those who love versatility and that don’t want to give up on elegance which merges the past with the present, Harmony is the new project which redefines the traditional kitchen schemes, through the widening of the arrangement perspectives into the living area.

Harmony displays creative solutions based on the research of materials and finishes, thanks to the innovative combination of open elements in wooden finish with the use of Ral-lacquered colors and with glassed cupboards.

The open-pore 24 mm thick ash door, with ash-veneered ashlar, is available in the finishes white, magnolia, champagne, light gray and dark gray; and the state-of-the-art handle obtained on a rail makes Harmony really unique in its kind.

The model can also be combined with any of the other kitchen models from our production.




Alice -

Alice, a kitchen project that inaugurates a new era. A unique style, lots of inviting space plus innovative functionality for home living. A new generation project with characteristics that represent the future in kitchens. Simple, essential lines, all designed to help you relax in the kitchen and enjoy working there. A new way of home living that rediscovers the pleasure of taking care of your spaces, making them warm and inviting. MDF door 22 mm thick, with rounded board on 3 sides, lacquered in glossy or embosed finish in all RAL colours. Possibility of insert doors with polished or laquered aluminium frame and glass with different finishes.


Systema -

A kitchen without excesses, but wich offers the visual impact is generated by functional blocks and chromatic contrasts. An essential kitchen designed for a home in wich technologydoes not dominate, but is at the service of functionality. Clean architecture with simple, structured forms, dynamic yet sophisticated. Geometrical volumes in a harmonic equilibrium, precise in destination, materials and colours. Door 20 mm thick, in open-pore lacquered veneer in different colours. Possibility to insert doors with polished or lacquered aluminium frame and glass with different finishes.


Mika -

Dynamic, well-organised spaces, with flowing compositions that creatively bring together shapes and colours. Glossy or mat lacquer fronts in various colours to createwarm techological atmospheres. Created with care, from the selection of the materials to the perfection of the finishes. The result is intelligent living solutions. MDF door 18 mm thick, lacquered in glossy or embossed finish in all RAL colours. Possibility of insert doors with polished or lacquered aluminium frame and glass with different finishes.


Eden -

The Eden collection - essential and creative in style - develops the most current design trends for kitchen settings. It offers spacious compositions both in terms of aesthetic versatility and intelligent use of space. The open pore, wood effect laminate doors are available in teak finish, natural, dark and grey oak and in white colour: all in pleasant harmony with the wired glass doors with aluminium frames. The collection proposals are designed to offer personalised solutions, perfect for all living needs. Door, 18 mm thick, in open pore wood-looking melamine with matching ABS edges. The door with satin aluminium frame, for wall units and large drawers, is available both with semi-transparent net glass and lacquered glass in a wide selection of colours.


Echo -

Echo is the new Cucinesse proposal: a rational program with a simple design in wich the originality of the project is translated into creative solutions wich can be freely personalised both in functional and aesthetic terms. The melamine doors with matching ABS edge are available in mocha, yellow, cream and walnut; those with wired glass, in a wide choice of colours; the accesories and complements are always perfectly coordinated. Melamine door, 18 mm thick, with matching ABS edges. The door with satin aluminium frame, for wall units and large drawers, is available both with semi-transparent net glass and lacquered glass in wide selection of colours.


Mix -

Innovative and technological, Mix has been designed in the search for practicality and avant-garde aesthetics, to create efficient spaces with a strong visual impact. Containers, tops and islands elements give rise to geometric solids and multipurpose operative blocks, giving a fascinating technological-professional conception to the domestic environment. Door 20 mm thick, in water-repellent laminate, mat or aluminium edges. Possibility to insert doors with polished aluminium frame and glass with different finishes.

Slim project

Slim project -

Slim project is not just a simple kitchen model, it’s a program that reinterprets our wide range of products, which consists in the ability to place in each of our modern kitchens a grooved profile, in chrome or gloss white finish.

Either in simple or in articulated environments, Slim project can combine design and technology, along with every-day functionality.

The absence of handles enhances the elegance of the kitchen where a basic and refined design becomes the key player.


Idea -

Style and elegance are an unmistakable trademark, a commitment to reach what has always been considered the technological expression and the foundation between simplicity and convenience. Idea interprets your attitude and your emotions in both the kitchen and the living room.

The wooden tones of white elm, crude elm, ash elm and dark larch make the various furnishing solutions even more comfortable. Let the multiple furnishing proposals convince you, enjoy the freedom of creating your own space, adapting the kitchen and the living room to your own personal life-style.

Angel moderna

Angel moderna -

A totally innovative atmosphere, a variable and transversal project with a cosmopolitan feel for a contemporary kitchen.

Angel is the ideal solution to add value to your living space: a unique style which, thanks to its unmistakable and harmonious lines represents the excellence in the latest and up-to-date kitchen trends.

Materials become the leading players: the 24 mm thick front door in white ash made of a veneered ash frame is available in white, red and wengé finishes. Additionally, Angel gives the possibility to choose front doors realized in sample colours, in order to emphasize the handcrafted aspect of the product customized for you, making your kitchen unique and distinctive.


Mika smart

Mika smart -

Innovative project, particularly sensitive to customers’ needs and requests, it’s the ideal solution for dynamic spaces and moving compositions which emphasize movement as well as creative shapes and colours.

Mika Smart is characterized by the use of  four-rounded-corner MDF doors, either gloss or matt lacquered, or embossed, available in all RAL color finishes, including white glossy or matt lacquered internal doors, along with glass front door on BRILL glossy aluminium frame; glass door available in the various finishes and with integrated handle.